Git cheat sheet

Create or clone a repo

git init

Creates a new repository in the current directory

git clone [url]

Clones a repository from the URL specified. Can be HTTPS or SSH. You can specify a folder name after the URL to customize it.

Add some files and commit them

git status

Shows the modified files, the current branch, the staged files.

git add [file]

Stages a file for next commit. File can be replaced by “.”, staging all modified files in the current directory and recursively.

git reset [file]

Unstages a file without altering the modifications.

git diff

Shows modifications made in unstaged files.

git diff --staged

Shows modifications made in staged files.

git commit -m [message]

Commit staged files with the message specified.

Using branches

git branch

Lists all local branches.

git branch [name]

Creates a branch with the specified name.

git switch [name]
git checkout [name]

Moves to the specified branch.

git log

Shows the commit history for the current branch.

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